If you have a question or need unbiased help about celebrating Steak and BJ Day, then ask the judge. All decisions by the judge are final. Readers may comment to share their opinion of the ruling or offer additional advice. Contact us to submit your question.

What Takes Priority?

I refuse to do both: (1) steaks are expensive, these should be a rare treat. (2) BJs are nice, but kinda when I feel like handing them out. Which one takes priority on this most sacred of days? – Lauren Dear Lauren, The BJ takes priority on March 14. If you have the money to spend, then buy a delicious steak as well.... 

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Girlfriend Out Of Town?

My gf is out of town on business but will be back for a few days the week before Steak & BJ Day. Is it permissible to partake of the holiday the week before? – TDS Dear TDS, Yes, it is acceptable to celebrate the holiday a week in advance if circumstances will prevent the two of you from being together on March... 

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No Meat During Lent?

We are a Catholic family, and Steak and BJ Day is on Friday during Lent this year. I don’t know if you are familiar with Lent, but steak is forbidden for us during this time. What can my husband and I do? Help me please!! – Hungry For Meat Dear Hungry For Meat, Steak and BJ Day can still be celebrated during Lent.... 

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Day Of Pi?

March 14 is also Pi Day (3.14- get it?). Can my boyfriend and I celebrate both Steak and Blowjob Day and Pi Day? – Cute Nerdy Girl Dear Cute Nerdy Girl, Yes, you both can celebrate Steak and BJ Day and Pi Day as long as you don’t let it lose the meaning behind Steak and BJ Day (which is a day for you to make him... 

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Holiday In Exchange For A Horse?

Hello, I am a horsewoman and own a couple of very nice horses with my husband. There is a mini horse local to me for sale (see picture) and I realllllly want to buy him but my husband said no. We have the space, time and money to care for the pony. Is it ok to do a Steak and BJ Day to manipulate him into saying yes? –... 

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