If you have a question or need unbiased help about celebrating Steak and BJ Day, then ask the judge. All decisions by the judge are final. Readers may comment to share their opinion of the ruling or offer additional advice. Contact us to submit your question.

Is Giving A Gift Ok?

Hi Judge. I was wondering if it is ok to give my husband a gift for steak and blowjob day? I gave him a gift on Valentine’s day every year, but now I’ll only celebrate his day in March so he can concentrate on me in February. Don’t worry. He will already be getting a blowjob and nice dinner at a local steakhouse. –... 

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My Birthday Is March 14?

Steak And BJ Day is the same day as my birthday. What do you suggest since my birthday is MY day? – Kate Dear Kate, Most people can agree that your birthday should be a day about you. If you can’t celebrate Steak and BJ Day on March 14, for any reason, then it is acceptable to celebrate the holiday a day or two... 

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Is Grilled Chicken Ok?

My boyfriend’s favorite food is grilled chicken. Is this ok or do I need to make him a steak? – Leslie Dear Leslie, The word “steak” can be substituted for any other food choice that your boyfriend likes. Serving your boyfriend his favorite dish, either before or after giving him a blowjob, will make... 

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No Red Lobster On Valentine’s Day?

My boyfriend told me about this holiday so I looked it up and found your website. We spent Valentine’s Day at his brother’s basketball game. No flowers and no Red Lobster. Now he tells me I need to suck his dick in March. WTF? – Mad As Hell Dear Mad As Hell, Your boyfriend made no effort to make Valentine’s... 

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My Husband Doesn’t Like Steak?

My husband isn’t a big fan of steak. I love to give him blowjobs so this part isn’t a problem. Do I still need to make him a steak even though he won’t eat it? I love him and want to celebrate the holiday the right way. Please help! – Monica C. Dear Monica, The purpose of the holiday is to show your... 

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