Spit Or Swallow?

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Danielle Stewart discusses both sides to the age old question: spit or swallow?

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5 Responses to “Spit Or Swallow?”
  1. Rich Orwell says:

    I don’t care how stupid/ignorant this sounds. I gotta have the answer. In my entire life, I’ve come in every woman’s mouth and she’s swallowed. Let’s say a new partner is kneeling, fully dressed, and doesn’t want me to come in her mouth. If we don’t have a condom, where does the cum go? Kleenex, hand, what? Seriously.

  2. Rags says:

    Thank you Danielle, for the nice talk show. You have been candid and I really like your opinion and analysis. Well, take care and wish you really good times with the best of health and happiness and of course a lot of pleasurable times.

  3. rags says:

    Oh, your video was so good and informative that I Watched it again. Anyway, I don’t know how it feels when given a blow job because, I have not been given one. But swallowing should be the women’s decision and guys should not feel bad if she spits. Its her mouth!!.

  4. Ron says:

    What about sharing the load.

  5. hollzie jozie says:

    A woman has 3 holes, the asshole dont spit, neither does vagina so why would your mouth?

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