No Meat During Lent?

We are a Catholic family, and Steak and BJ Day is on Friday during Lent this year. I don’t know if you are familiar with Lent, but steak is forbidden for us during this time. What can my husband and I do? Help me please!!
– Hungry For Meat

Dear Hungry For Meat,

Steak and BJ Day can still be celebrated during Lent. Since steak is the supplemental portion of the holiday, the meat can be replaced with something else. I understand some Catholics follow different “food rules” than others during Lent, so it is difficult for me to tell you what to serve. Fish or chicken may be an appropriate substitute for steak if your church allows it during the Lenten season; a vegetarian burger is also acceptable. A cheese pizza can also work for your situation. The key is to make sure your husband gets to eat something he likes on March 14.

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