Holiday In Exchange For A Horse?

MinihorseHello, I am a horsewoman and own a couple of very nice horses with my husband. There is a mini horse local to me for sale (see picture) and I realllllly want to buy him but my husband said no. We have the space, time and money to care for the pony. Is it ok to do a Steak and BJ Day to manipulate him into saying yes?
– FJ

Dear FJ,

No, you can not use the holiday to manipulate your husband into buying you something. In order to maintain a successful relationship, manipulation should never be used. Celebrate Steak and BJ Day if your husband took care of you on Valentine’s Day and not to gain something in return. In addition, please have an open and honest conversation with your husband (on a day other than March 14) to find out the true underlying reason why he said no to the horse.

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