Both At The Same Time?

The crew of the 16Bit Assassins podcast would like to know exactly how epic getting the bj whilst eating the steak would be, we here at the 16Bit Assassins podcast look forward to an answer only one trained in the judiciary arts, such as yourselves could provide.
The 16Bit Assassins Podcast

Dear 16Bit,

The thought of eating a steak while receiving a BJ may sound epic, but the reality is that the choking hazard is increased since the body may have a hard time multi-tasking. Depending on what is happening below the plate, taking an unintentional deep breath with a mouth full of food can be dangerous and end up ruining the special day. In addition, keeping both activities separate will help make the holiday feel like it lasted longer.

With that said, there is not a right way or wrong way. I have seen emails from men who successfully accomplished both activities at the same time, and their reviews were equivalent to the emails from men who experienced both activities separately throughout the day.

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