My Husband Doesn’t Like Steak?

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My husband isn’t a big fan of steak. I love to give him blowjobs so this part isn’t a problem. Do I still need to make him a steak even though he won’t eat it? I love him and want to celebrate the holiday the right way. Please help!
– Monica C.

Dear Monica,

The purpose of the holiday is to show your husband how special he is to you, not to make him eat something he doesn’t like. If you give your husband his favorite meal, then you will be celebrating the holiday the right way.

McDonald’s And Walgreens For Valentine’s Day?

I spent Valentine’s day at McDonalds, and my man gave me a nice card and some cheap ass candy from Walgreens. What do you think he deserves Mr. Judge?
– Patricia

Dear Patricia,

Due to the limited details given, what your man deserves will be left to your discretion depending on the full story. If you feel he made a valid attempt to treat you right on Valentine’s Day, then he deserves to be treated right on his day. If the choice of McDonald’s was due to the bad economy and a lack of funds, then you can’t hold it against him; if the same situation (lack of funds) still holds true, then you could take him to Burger King for a Steakhouse Burger either before or after giving him a blowjob. If McDonald’s and Walgreens was a last minute effort and not due to a bad economic situation, then you could serve him a Salsbury Steak frozen dinner with no blowjob.

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